Meet Jennifer Roanoke Wedding Photographer, Virginia Wedding Photographer

jennifer-hayward, roanoke-wedding-photographer, roanoke-family-photographer
jennifer-hayward, roanoke-wedding-photographer, roanoke-family-photographer


“Oh darling, let’s be adventurers”

Welcome! I’m Jennifer. Above all, I believe in love. From photographing passionate couples at the beginning of their journey together, newborns cradled by their tired love-struck parents, & growing children as they run circles around the two people who love them above anything else, I have been so blessed to document their stories.

For inspiration, I draw on the people, nature, diversity, & history of Virginia, my home: the depth & expanse of the Atlantic ocean, shadows from clouds moving above the Blue Ridge Mountains, dappled light pouring through dense forests, the historic estates & architecture of Monticello, Charlottesville, & Washington DC, the diverse cultures of the north & sweet southern accents of Roanoke. I’m driven to create photos worthy of this rich history, to document stories that will one day be shared as your heritage.

For when I’m not photographing a wedding or family’s story, a perfect day would be chasing after my three kiddos exploring the water’s edge, or venturing through an art museum. Their dirty knees, favorite rocks stuffed in pockets, & traces of colorful paint on their faces after a full day is my happy place. I want them to love this life, engage in the world around them, & find inspiration as they live out their own stories.

My passion for art & connecting others through it is my one of my life’s greatest fulfillments, & I’m so grateful for the clients-turned-friends who’ve trusted me to document their lives.

Jennifer is an award winning Fine Art Photographer for Virginia & abroad. She has been published in both print magazines & online galleries. She attributes her art & success to a loving God, supportive family, & Nutella.